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Loyola is green!

学生帐单只会以电子帐单的形式发出(电子帐单). 每当生成新的账单报表时,都会向学生和授权用户发送电子邮件通知. 可以在个人电脑上查看和打印帐单.

  Target Billing Dates: Due Dates:
Fall Semester July 1 August 1
Spring Semester November 10 December 10
Summer Sessions April 10 May 10


Student tuition, fees, 相关费用应在每学期开课前缴纳(见上面列出的日期)。. 学生有责任检查帐目摘要 LORA Self-Service 并通过我们的电子商务系统进行结算, and insure that, by the due date, all charges on the student account are covered by any one or a combination of: personal payment; anticipated financial aid credits; enrollment in one of the approved monthly budget plans; full sponsorship by a university approved third party payer; or another arrangement accepted by the university.

Late Fees: 未能在到期日之前付款将使该帐户处于过期状态. 逾期未缴的帐户将被处以250元的滞纳金.

Authorized Users: 谁希望授予家长和其他人访问查看和/或支付他们的洛约拉法案的学生应添加这些个人作为 授权用户进入我们的电子商务系统